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Studying abroad is just not about exploring the net, filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard about. It is a multifaceted process involving a range of questions, issues and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. The internet and a fast globalizing world has created huge information about higher education opportunities for students in countries across the globe. However, the information overload often leads to confusion rather than clarity. Consequently students who do not think and investigate in depth often land up in courses, institutions or countries that may not be best suited as per the studentís aspirations.

We at Solutions Xpert counsel our candidates to understand their desired future and as per their aspirations we evaluate their profile, academic or financial constraints, benefits of the programme and do our best to ensure that appropriate Countries, Courses, and Universities are considered by the student to meet his/her ambitions and career goals.

We offer Solutions to Students from different Backgrounds for their overseas education pursuit. We provide a bundle of services to our candidates starting from guiding them to choose best suitable course which is most beneficial for them to assisting with admission process, preparing them for required examinations(IELTS) and helping with Visa Application. We as well provide them with their travel related solutions from booking of ticket to acquiring accomodation and foreign exchange.

List of study options for which counseling is offered:

Business Management           Engineering                     Sciences
Medicine                              Healthcare                       Psychology / Child Care
IT/ Computing                      Law                                 Architecture
Mass Communications           Accounting                       Journalism
Hospitality                            Travel & Tourism              Fashion Designing
Interior Designing                 Arts and Fine Arts             Film Making
Animation                            Multi-Media                       and more

We at Solutions Xpert help you with:

- Identifying the right universities for you
- Help you identify your recommenders
- Guidance on SOP and Essays
- Edit your resume
- Help in preparing all your documents which include application forms, financial applications / statements and transcripts
- Post application follow ups
- Assisting you in networking with professors in universities to improve your chances of admission and financial aid
- Access to our network of students studying in universities abroad.
- IELTS Prepration
- Visa Assistance
- Finding the right Education Loan
- Find Accomodation at the palce of study.
- Providing solutions for all your travel related needs like ticket booking, visa assistance for you and any of the accompanying   family member if any, etc .
- Forex needs

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