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We work with each student individually offering solutions that make visa procurement a hassle free process.

Solutions Xpert helps you in entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. We keep ourselves updated about the latest Visa documentation and rules, and ensure high VISA success rate.

Before applying for a Visa, it is important to be familiar with the visa procedures, visa application process and various documents. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial to receive advice from an expert visa consultant.

We completely understand the problems that one might face during the process of securing a Visa and based on our understanding and experience, we have created templates of various hurdles that one might encounter while applying for a visa and have developed a solution module for our students.

Some steps we undertake are as follows

         - We help in document preparations, check all forms are correctly filled and verify that all information is correct and             factual.

         - We organize your documents in proper logical order, so that you can open your file in front of the visa officer with             confidence, and minimum rustle.

         - We provide physical preparation for the visa interview, overseeing that you are presented well.

         - We train you on what to say and how to say it at the interview, going through each step in minute detail.

         - We polish your inherent reason to return to India , so that the visa officer is convinced of your intent to return back,             and not be a potential immigrant.

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